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Sickness is a reaction of our soul and body to our environment and stressing situations. Through your specific bodily symptoms we can find the specific psychic cause and hence the key to healing. 


You: "No way!"

We: "Way! And easily comprehensible."

You: "Why does not everybody talk about it then?"

We: "Exactly."


Our forefathers already knew the connection between our soul and sickness. Expressions like:

"I was scared to death.", "It is hard to swallow.", "I lost face", "He has a thick skin." and many, many others are proof of it.


Without any effort we can think of stressing situations due to work,bad news, personal finances, neighbours, relatives etc. which occur on daily and usually regular basis. However, we never connect them to the daily troubles like headache, toothache, backache, herpes, heartburn etc. and even less to the the severe, longlasting symptoms. Thereby, the connection between our soul and the symptoms would be very clear to us, if we took the time to properly observe us, to recollect ourselves.


This kind of recollection is what we offer in META-Health Coaching. We look at your symptoms, try to find the situation in your life that causes them and show you ways to health. Because we can not heal you. You are the only person who can do that.

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